Meet Simon - One of our Social Media Assistants



Simon Lockyer

Account Manager

Football (in particular Tottenham Hotspur), music (in particular Arctic Monkeys), pizza (in particular Texas BBQ), chocolate (in particular M&Ms).
Favourite Frog Joke

Q: What do you call a frog with no hind legs?

A: Unhoppy!


Simon joined BlueFrog Media in November 2016 - on his birthday, no less! He joined having amassed social media experience at a local newspaper, where he was Social Media Editor. He hopped into life as a Social Media Assistant, interacting with hundreds of clients on a daily basis, before moving over to help with the Content Team; creating strong, shareable posts for a number of clients. Simon also brought blogging expertise into the pond, and BlueFrog now creates blogs for a number of clients. In July 2017, Simon moved on from his interaction and content creation responsibilities into an Account Manager role. His day-to-day jobs now include in-depth planning for his clients, checking in with his contacts on a regular basis, and making sure everything that should be actioned, is.