Meet Joseph - One of our Social Media Assistants



Joseph Davis

Social Media Assistant

Gaming, movies, movie trivia, making people laugh and memes.
Early mornings, close-minded people and when you see a spider run towards you screaming.
Favourite Frog Joke

Q: What does a Frog do when he goes into a bank?

A: Rob-it!


Being a part of a military family Joey moved to unique places across the world. Moving on a regular basis granted him the confidence to meet new people and make new friends every few years. Early on in school he found he enjoyed Drama and English, he decided to continue those studies into college by studying Media and film. As well as working for a well known catering company as a catering supervisor for the military he enjoyed a small stint doing small TV and film roles, being in such things as Sherlock, Edge of tomorrow and a few adverts for the Paralympics. Setting his sights on something new, he applied for BlueFrog in October 2016, starting off on their sprout team to eventually moving to their content team to become a content creator.