Meet Holly - One of our Social Media Assistants



Holly Bransby

Account Manager

Animals, performing, being outside and laughing.
Roadkill, flies and noisy eaters.
Favourite Frog Joke

Q: What kind of music do sophisticated frogs listen to?

A: Hopera!


I have a degree in Theatre and Performance with Dance, A Post Grad in Early Years Professionalism and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, so I guess I should be doing some sort of online, children's performance type thing. However, that would be silly. I am an energetic and creative person who loves spending time having fun with my two little boys in beautiful North Devon. I am heavily involved with local theatre and of course, I have a big interest in Digital marketing. Particularly social media, writing content and analytics. I have been at the pond since January and am enjoying the lovely frogs great vibes.